Combine Repair

Along with routine repairs, maintenance and emergency repairs, aftermarket upgrades are also available. I am able to provide upgrades from companies such as:

  • Kuchar parts
  • Harvest Services
  • Calmer Corn heads

If you are new to combines or have purchased a new-to-you combine, I can also assist with set up and personal one-on-one training to insure that your combine is set up properly for you crop and your specific situation.

Specialty Combines

I also have experience both in repair and operation of edible bean combines such as:

  • Lilliston
  • Bob Combines
  • JD Edible bean combines (old and new)
  • Picket combines

Also, I can provide parts for this equipment as well as any modifications that may be needed. I can also provide advice and repairs on other edible bean equipment such as windrowers and pullers.